Nobody knows diamonds better than Saxon’s. After all, it’s not only in our name, it’s in our DNA. We also know buying a diamond isn’t easy. There's so much information out there and, most importantly, misinformation out there. Which is why it’s so very important to purchase a diamond from a reputable, local retailer. Now, we know buying online has become the way of the world. We believe buying a diamond, which is one of the biggest purchases of your life, is best accomplished when you see the diamond in-person. And, a reputable, local jeweler will be there to help you every step of the way. They should be showing you side-by-side comparisons. They should be explaining the 4C’s of Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color in a way that is totally understandable! A professional retailer like Saxons is educated and skilled in gemology. And, all the intricacies that come along with it. 

Buying a diamond or engagement ring is too precious. It is too important.

There are many sayings in the world of retail, but none is truer than this: If it’s too good to be true. It probably is.

Let’s look at what is true if you are considering buying a diamond from an online seller:

  1. You can't visibly see any diamond with your own set of eyes or compare a number of diamonds side by side before paying for it.

  2. Many diamonds are graded by any number of diamond labs across the world. THEY ARE NOT EQUAL. You need to beware of certain diamond labs that are not grading diamonds stringently. We caution you: YOU MAY NOT BE GETTING WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE GETTING.

  3. Once you make a decision, you will be asked to pay for that diamond immediately prior to taking ownership of that diamond. And, you may receive an inferior diamond.

  4. Very often, you are responsible for shipping that diamond back to the seller with shipping and insuring that package at your cost.

  5. There are many times the diamond you are viewing online is no longer available.

  6. If you purchase a loose diamond on the Internet, (and not from the retailer or the retailer’s website), the retailer is not responsible for any damage that may occur during setting that diamond. Although it is unlikely, chips and cracks can happen. Damage can also affect the value of the diamond.
  7. Many reputable, local retailers will not set diamonds purchased on the Internet because they don’t want to be responsible for the diamond or the setting, if that too, is purchased online.
Beware of buying diamonds on the internet

We recommend you compare the benefits beyond the sale. When you purchase a diamond from Saxon’s Diamond Centers here’s what you can expect:

  • FREE Inspection
  • FREE Diamond Tightening 
  • FREE Sizing
  • FREE Lifetime Cleaning
  • FREE Refinishing or Rhodium Plating
  • FREE Appraisal Upgrades
  • A GUARANTEED Trade-in Value
  • GUARANTEED Workmanship
  • Special Pricing for Your Wedding Bands
  • Interest-Free Financing
  • A 6-month Layaway Option

Diamond Engagement Ring

So remember, when it’s time to buy a diamond there’s a way and there’s a better way. The Saxon’s way.

Always Say it With Saxon’s.