Creativity with a touch of class Award-winning designer Denny Wong uses the natural beauty of Hawai’i as inspiration. The hallmarks of his pieces are workmanship, detail and quality. From an early age, Denny enjoyed art and craft classes. At the beginning of his career working in a small factory as a model maker, he learned and refined his craft, eventually becoming a master jeweler. In 1986 Denny joined the Hawai’i Jewelers Association. Since then, he has entered his innovative designs in competitions and has consistently won numerous awards. Always striving to improve and hone his skills, Denny traveled to his native Hong Kong often to learn more advanced techniques. Ideas sometimes come from family members. Denny’s wife urged him to create a plumeria bracelet, reminiscent of the lei he received upon first arriving in Hawai’i in 1974, which eventually expanded into an entire line - the original “Plumeria Lei” collection. Other popular pieces feature tropical flowers, pearls, whales, dolphins, and much more. Denny sees each creation as a piece of art, composing it as one would a painting. The “Blue Lagoon” collection of boulder opal pendants is finely hand-crafted in 18K gold and platinum settings. Each piece is individually designed to enhance the natural shape and color of the opal and portrays dolphins frolicking in the blue opal ocean. Attention to detail, be it a flower or a fish, is important to him. Using high quality materials is also important to Denny, and he will not lower his standards for the sake of affordability. He chooses to use fine quality diamonds, even though less expensive alternatives are available. Denny’s exquisite designs, crafted with personal pride and a love of the Islands, are now available at many fine stores in America and abroad. Look for Denny Wong’s signature on all of his pieces to ensure authenticity. The Denny Wong Jewelry Collection - a perfect keepsake of Hawai’i.

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